The past few years have seen the transformation of our learning spaces and outdoor recreation areas into modern, open environments that promote creativity, collaboration and wellbeing. Students enjoy the use of technology and contemporary learning spaces to aid in their learning and social development.

Patrician Brothers College Fairfield Cocurricular facilities Modern Learning Spaces

Modern Learning Spaces

Our large campus offers a range of contemporary classrooms and diverse learning spaces with flexible layouts and interactive technology.

Patrician Brothers College Fairfield Music Center

Creative and Performing Arts

Contemporary spaces for the creative and performing arts encourage and inspire our students to pursue their interests and passions, including a Music Centre, Visual Art Centre and state-of-the-art TAS facilities.

Patrician Brothers College Fairfield

Catholic Intensive English Centre

The onsite Catholic Intensive English Centre provides English language learning to newly arrived secondary school students, helping students to effectively learn and adjust to life in Australia.

Patrician Brothers College Fairfield Cocurricular facilities STEM

STEM and Science

Open and modern STEM and science classrooms enable boys to participate in practical lessons inside the classroom with a central space for group work and collaboration.

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Ferndale is an outdoor multi purpose learning and recreation space for students to peacefully engage in academic pursuits or socialise in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Patrician Brothers College Fairfield Facilities Sports

Sporting Facilities

Our rich tradition of sport is brought to life on our modern sporting facilities, including expansive green fields and vibrant ball courts.